About Me…

Meet Bob

Bob Groves is an experienced Coach, Consultant & Trusted Advisor.

His passion is helping powerful leaders thrive in life – personally, maritally, and professionally.

With over 3 decades of working with amazing leaders, he is a master at helping his clients identify limiting beliefs, and roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their greatest dreams and vision. 

Known for his no-nonsense and straightforward style he helps his clients get crystal clear on their vision, connect with their true potential, and break through their limiting beliefs. 

Though he has helped people of all ages and backgrounds, his forte’ is helping powerful leaders lean into their greater potential – personally, relationally, and professionally. Those 3 areas are core to his experience and belief that all 3 are required to truly thrive.

Bob is a lifelong student of self-development, leadership, and human potential. When he sits across the table from you, regardless of where he learned the lesson, he gleans from everything he is and has learned in life for his clients.

Bob’s desire to help and develop others led him to found Bob Groves Coaching, his own coaching, training, and speaking company. 

His life-transforming message and coaching are available through seminars, webinars, keynote speeches, one on one, and group coaching.

He has helped countless entrepreneurs grow their businesses and has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes: from small mom-and-pop shops, and solopreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations.

As a student of and believer in human potential, Bob has a unique gift of helping others discover their purpose while eliminating any sabotaging patterns in fulfilling it.

Without being weird, Bob sees what others can’t see and knows how to help them live into it becoming a reality.

Thousands of people have changed their lives for the better using his time-tested coaching methods.

What makes Bob different than other coaches?” 

The answer is simple: instead of teaching you how to manage your mess better, he helps you transform from the inside out. He believes negative mindsets originate from an inward condition that can be transformed. His coaching methods focus on getting to the root behind what’s going on so you can move past it into a greater you!

You’ll not only learn to thrive, but you’ll also learn to live a free and peaceful life within. You’ll have better relationships with your spouse, children, friends, etc., and make more money.

I haven’t had a more productive experience in my lifetime!!!! Beyond worth the investment. .”

Client – B.E.